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September 16, 2023 at the Beauregard Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall

Entry Fee for contestants will be $60.

**Deadline to enter is Thursday, September 14th. NO EXCEPTIONS!!**

NO Door Entries will be taken!

Entries can be mailed to PO Box 789; DeRidder, La 70634

Payment can be in the form of cash or Paypal.

Send Paypal payments to:

Questions? Call 337-224-3208



Registration begins at 9:00 AM Competition: 10:00 AM

0-11 mths     Western Outfit of Choice     Infant Miss

12-17 mths       Western Outfit of Choice      Baby Miss

18-23 mths    Western Outfit of Choice      Tot Miss

2 years       Western Outfit of Choice      Toddler Miss

3 years      Western Outfit of Choice      Mini Miss

4-5 years     Western Outfit of Choice      T’Nincy Miss

6-7 years     Western Outfit of Choice      Tiny Miss

Contestants will be judged on Beauty – Personality – Overall Appearance


Registration begins at 1:00 PM Competition: 3:00 PM

** Start Time subject to change**

8-9 years    Formal Pageant Wear      Little Miss

10-11 years     Formal Pageant Wear      Petite Miss

12-13 years     Formal Pageant Wear      Deb Miss

14-15 years       Formal Pageant Wear      Junior Miss

16 years       Formal Pageant Wear     Teen Miss

19-23 years      Formal Pageant Wear     Ms. 

24 years & Up        Formal Pageant Wear     Lady

Contestants will be judged on Beauty – Poise & Modeling – Overall Appearance


****TEEN Miss Division****

Contracted Title: Teen Miss is CLOSED to Beauregard Parish and Ward 9 (Rosepine).

You can be 16 Years of age or a Junior in High School.

Teen Contestants may NOT be a Senior in ANY High School during the 2023-2024 school year.

Interviews for Teen Miss will begin at 2:00. Attire will be fair shirt & jeans.



Queen & Princess to be crowned in ages 0 to 16 Years.

Queens will receive a gorgeous Custom Crown & Monogrammed Banner

Alternates will receive Medallion.

Side Awards: Best Fashion, Prettiest Hair, Most Beautiful,

Prettiest Eyes, Best Smile, & Photogenic


Photogenic Competition:

Each division will have a photogenic winner.

Photos can be black & white or color.

No LARGER than 8x10. No picture frames.

Photos MUST be labeled on the back with name, age, and division.

Please bring Photo on the day of the pageant. Do NOT mail.


General Information & Guidelines

Paypal Entry Fees must be sent as “Friends and Family” to avoid add’l fees.

If a paypal service charge is incurred, it will be due at registration.


No fake hair! No fake teeth! No fake lashes!

Hair & Make-up should be age appropriate and natural.

Attire can include stoning and sequins. No Bellies Please!

Jeans can be altered to complete outfits.


Admission: $5 for EACH person ages 5 & up (4 & under free)

Everyone pays but the contestant. NO exceptions.

Please advise your guests.


Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

You will be asked to leave with no refund of fees.


Judges will be qualified and not from this area.

Judges' decisions are final. No Refunds.


Only one person is backstage with the contestant. Contestants who are in conflict with this rule may be disqualified at the director’s discretion. It is important to keep the backstage area orderly for the competition to run smoothly.

We appreciate your cooperation with this rule.


Score sheets will be returned to the contestants Parent or Guardian ONLY!

Score sheets will be available for pick up following crowning.

Score Sheets are $2 at the time of pick up.



All Queens are required to attend events the week of October 3rd thru 7th.

We ask that the girls wear their crown & sash to these events.

While holding a Beaufair title, you will be expected to carry yourself respectfully.

Not only will you be representing the Beaufair pagent, but you will also be representing the Beauregard Parish Fair.


Events: October 3rd: Ride in the Fair Parade (Must provide their own vehicle). Directly after the parade, all Queens need to report to the Pavilion to be presented during the Queen Beaufair Pageant which begins at 8:00PM.

Additional events will be announced.

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