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Daily Events on the Grounds

Saturday, September 16

Queens of Beaufair Pageant 

10:00 am 


Monday , September 18 - 29

10:00 am -2:00 pm Pick up Exhibitor Number at the Fair Office 

506 West Dr. 

Monday ,October 2 

8:00 am -5:00 pm All Exhibits Accepted 

at the Exhibition Hall , 610 West. Dr. 

Baked Good Accepted until Noon Only



Tuesday , October 3

Fair Hours

5:00 pm to 10pm Gates Open


Outdoor Pavilion 

7:00 pm Official Welcome

7:15pm Poster & Essay Winners Announced

7:30pm Introduction of Queens of Beaufair 

8:00pm 94th Annual Queen Beaufair Pageant


Wednesday , October 3

8:00 am BPSB Educational Tours

9:00 am Chelly's Mini Barn Demo under Pavilion 


Fair Hours 

4:00pm -10:00pm Gates Open 


Outdoor Pavilion 

Entertainment By DJ

6:00 pm

Livestock Barn 

4:00pm Poultry Show

6:00 pm 4-H Rabbit show


Thursday , October 4 

Senior Citizens Day 

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Outdoor Pavilion

8:30 am Official welcome of our seniors 

10:00 am Ron Yule & the Country All-Stars

10:00 am Senior Bake Contest

11:00am Fiddling Contest

11:30am Fiddling Gals

12:00pm Announcement of Eldest Citizen 


Thursday , October 4 Cont...

5:30 Entertainment

7:00 Entertainment

Livestock Barn 

6:00pm Beauregard 4-H Rabbit Show

Friday , October 6

Fair Hours

10:00 am - 10 pm Gates Open

10:00am - 4:00 pm Carnival Bracelets

Outdoor Pavilion

10:00 am Introduction of Beaufair Queens 

10:30 am Apple Bobbing Contest

11:00 am Haystackers Contest 

11:30am Potato Sack Races

12:30pm Pie Eating Contests

2:00pm Dress a Goat Contest 

2:30 pm Wheel Barrow Race 

3:00pm Front Porch Pickin Kids Showcase

6:00 pm Neli & Dylan 

8:00pm Gypsy Blue Band 

Livestock Barn 

8:30 am Sheep Sheering (Throughout the day)

7:00pm Cute Critter Contest

Saturday , October  7

Fair Hours

10:00 am to 10pm Gates Open

10:00 am-4:00 pm Carnival Bracelets


Outdoor Pavilion 

10:00am Introduction of Beaufair Queens and Visting Festival Queens

10:30 am Largest Pumpkin Contest

11:00 am Corn Bobbing Contest

11:30 am Potato Sack Races

12:00pm Parent /Child Look A-Like Contest 

12:30 pm Chicken Pageant 

1:00 pm Beard Contest 

2:00pm South Beau Elite Gymnast , Cheer & Dance

4:00pm Greater Beauregard Chamber Commerce Weiner Dog Race Series #2

5:30 pm Dance Stop Center Dixie Darlins & Bayou Babes 

6:30pm 26 West Band

8:30pm Johnny Jimenez Band 


Livestock Barn 

8:00am Beauregard 4-H Livestock Show 

Competition Continues throughout the day 


10:30 pm Livestock Released 





Beauregard Parish Fair Association 2023

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