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Fair Contest Rules

We're super excited to add these side contests to our fair line-up!!  

We hope everyone has a great time and we can continue to grow these contests in the future!

Thank you to our Contest Sponsor:  Canfor Southern Pine!!

These contests will take place at the outdoor pavilion area.  

Registration will take place at the pavilion 15 minutes prior to contest start time.

Hay Stacking Contest: Friday, Oct. 6 @ 11:00a

•4 Bales of Hay

•Stop Watch

**Limited to 10 Contestants. 4 bales of hay will be stacked on the east end of the “track”. Each contestant has to get the hay from one end of the track to the other end of the track in the fastest time. 

First 3 best times wins.

***Contestant must start BEHIND starting line and all bales must be BEHIND finish line.


Potato Sack Race: Friday, Oct. 6 @ 11:30a & Saturday, Oct. 7 @ 11:30a

•6 potato sacks

•Orange cones

Set up the starting line and finish line with cones in the area between the pavilion and the creek. 

6 Children with sacks per “race”. **Must have both legs inside bag at all times.


Corn Bobbing: Friday Oct. 6 @ 10:30a & Saturday, Oct. 7 @ 11:00a

•3 large tubs


•Forehead thermometer**

Tubs filled with water and corn ears. Each child (3 at a time) has 30 seconds to Bob as much corn as possible. Count each ear and write on registration sheet. Top 3 with the most ears of corn wins. 

***Contestant must be standing at barrel and bent at waist. They can place their hands on the side of the barrel but not in water. Contestants cannot touch the corn with their hands.


Pie Eating Contest: Friday, October 6 @ 12:30p

•Limited to 10 Pie Eaters

•10 pies

Each person must stand at table with hands behind back. No touching the pie at any time, will be disqualified. No spitting out pie, will be disqualified. No pushing other contestants, will be disqualified. When the contestant finishes their pie, they must yell DONE. Pie must be 95% gone from pan. Crumbs are admissible. If pieces larger than 1 inch are still in the pan, no winner. 


 Friday, Oct. 6 @ 1:30p & Saturday, Oct. 7 @ 12:30p



•Stop Watch


Dress-A-Goat Contest: Friday, Oct. 7 @ 2:00p

•2 Goats stacked on rope (Limited to 10 Teams of 2)

•Pile of  "goat" clothes

•Stop Watch

2-person teams. (Limited to 10 Teams of 2) Goat is stacked in the grass between the pavilion and the creek. Each team must work together to get the goat completely dressed in the fasted time. 2 teams will race each round until all teams have gone. Top 3 fasted time win.


Wheel Barrow Race: Friday, Oct. 6 @ 2:30p

•2 Wheel Barrows

•10 Mini Bales of Hay

•10 orange cones

•Stop watch

2 “tracks” of 5 cones will be set up between the pavilion and the creek. 2 runners at a time will race. Each contestant has to weave in & out of the cones from one end & back to the starting line in the fastest time.

We will time each run. First 3 fastest winning times win.

***Contestant must start BEHIND starting line and finish line without dumping any hay bales on the ground. If you lose a bale of hay in your race, it is a 5 second penalty. (5 seconds added to the overall time.)


Largest Pumpkin Contest: Saturday, Oct. 7 @ 10:30a


•Measuring Tape

Weight & Measure each pumpkin.

Measure pumpkin from the stem, around the bottom, and back up to the stem.

Top 3 Pumpkins Win.


Parent Child Look-A-Like Contest: Saturday, Oct. 7 @ 12:00p

•Judges Sheets (2 copies)

Each “Team” will be announced on stage using registration sheet. 2 Judges will score based on Personality (1-10 pts), Outfits (1-10 pts), and Overall Likeness (1-10 pts).  Grand Prize winner will receive a $60 gift certificate from Styled by Kacie for haircuts and $40 gift certificate from Salty Rose Boutique.


Beard & Mustache Contest: Saturday, Oct. 7 @ 1:00p

Each contestant will be announced using registration sheet in each division: Beard, Mustache, or Beard & Mustache. 2 Judges will score based on Size, Quality, Color, Style & Presentation, Durability, and Creativity. Pre-Registration & Official Rules available at Tony’s Barbershop or can register on site at 12:45   Click here for official rules.

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