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“Life,Liberty and The Pursuit of Agriculture ”

94th  Beauregard Parish Fair Association

Proudly Presents

2023 Queen Beaufair Pageant 

October 3, 2023

Beauregard Parish Fair Grounds



Hello and welcome to the 2023 Beauregard Parish Fair Queen Beaufair Pageant . On behalf of the BPFA and its’ Board of Directors , we invite you to come and spend a special evening with us at our Fair and Queens Pageant. The BPFA will be crowning a new queen on this night that will attend the 2024 Louisiana Fair and Festivals Pageant . Please take a moment to review the following information packet . We have some important dates that your nominee will not be able to miss. We are making changes for the better and to help the Queen prepare for competition here and at the LAFF convention !!



or Text all information to 337-396-7715 Form is provided . 


Pageant Entry Information :


In order to compete at the BPFA Beaufair Pageant , you must be a Beauregard Parish School, Rosepine (ward 9) student or Homeschool student residing in Beauregard Parish Limits(proof will be needed).  


The deadline to enter a student from your school into the BPFA Beaufair Pageant is ******** September 6, 2023*********There is NO  entry fee required from the school or the nominee !!To be eligible to compete in the BPFA Beaufair Pageant nominee must be :

1. Incoming Senior 

2. Born Female 

3. Possess a GPA of 2.5 or better. 

4. Be a student at a Beauregard parish school, of Rosepine High School (ward 9) or Homeschool student residing in Beauregard Parish Limits (proof will be needed).  

5. Must have never been pregnant, not pregnant at the time of this pageant, nor have terminated a pregnancy .

6. Must have never been married.

7. Must be 17 yrs of age by December 31,2023

8. Must have never been arrested or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor , or be it any other type of legal infraction .

9. Must not hold any other title that would require Queen to attend LAFF .

10. Must be in good standing within her school 



Queen Contestant Information 


There is MANDATORY meetings for all contestants . 

All meetings are held at the BPFA office . Unless otherwise noted !

1.September 10, 2023 5:30 p.m. Meet and greet 

2.September 16, 2023 Queens of Beaufair Pageant @ 9:00 am 

3. September 17, 2023 Photoshoot at DeRidder Courthouse @ 6:00 pm

4. September 17, 2023 1st Rehearsal w/minimum sound after photoshoot p.m.(pavilion)

5. October 1, 2023 This will be with sound and emcee 6:00 p.m.(pavilion)

6. October 2, 2023 This will be the day before the pageant . Full Rehearsal 6:00 p.m. 




SEPT. 10,2023 @ Beauregard Parish Fair Grounds Office @ 5:30 P.M. 

THIS MEETING IS A REQUIRED MEETING FOR EVER CONTESTANT ! The contestants will get all information at this meeting and will be able to ask any questions concerning the pageant . Parents are encouraged to come !


Photo Shoot

All contestants will be required to be at the photo shoot that is provided by the BPFA . September 17,2023 Beauregard Parish CourtHouse front steps  These pictures will be used for the program, judges and any advertisement. Attire for this will be  Dressy Casual .


Program books

We will have programs available. The cost of the program will be $5.00 each.Enclosed in this information packet you find a sheet showing prices. All ads, money and pictures must be turned in at one time (not Separately) . PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL INFORMATION IS CORRECT AT THE TIME THAT YOU TAKE AD ORDER. 


All contestants are required to sell ads . Each contestant is required to sell $200.00 in ad sales .  



Good luck lines :$5.00 no more than 12 words 

Business card : $15.00

1\4 page $25.00

1\2 page $45.00

whole page $80.00


All pages will be in black and white and any artwork must be provided by the purchaser.



Queens of Beaufair Pageant


Sept. 16,2023 @ 9:00 a.m. All contestants are required to attend the Queens of Beaufair pageant and participate in the day of events. You may be lining up the contestants,selling t-shirts , collecting door money, running score sheets etc.. In honor of our 93nd Queen Beaufair you will be helping with queen’s day events . THIS ALSO IS THE DAY THAT YOU  WILL RECEIVE YOUR T-SHIRT FOR INTERVIEW !! 



Interviews will be held on Tuesday ,October 3, 2023  beginning at 10:00 a.m. and continuing until around 12:00 p.m. Interviews will be held at the War Memorial Civic Center .

1. Interviews will be one on panel interviews AND  group roundup . 

2.Each contestants will spend approximately 7 min with ALL 3  judges.



Interview Attire

Every contestant will receive a contestant t-shirt .

 With shirt they will be able to do the following :

1. Contestant shirts may be decorated. You may not cut up the shirt !

2.The bottoms MUST BE DENIM (bluejean) MATERIAL  ,pants, walking shorts,capris, skirts(no miniskirts).

3. Shoes complete your look !!

4. Hair and makeup should also complement your overall look !

5. Come to the interview ready to go in !

We will not have time to wait for you to get ready !



*All Contestants must  ride in the parade . 

*Contestants must provide their own vehicle and decorations on the vehicle .

*Contestants will line up at (TBA) at 4:30 p.m.

 *Director will take care of arrangements for registration for the parade .

*T-shirt will be provided to contestants to wear for Parade(this is the shirt you wore for interview)

*The contestant must provide Blue  jeans /Shorts or skirt . 


Parent Fair entry information

1.Everyone is required to pay to enter the fair . 

2.Entry is $5.00 per person . 

3.There will be ENTRY ALLOWED on the side gate this year  !!!

    Please make sure that family and friends all know in advance .

4.Contestants will be dropped off at the Side Gate from the parade . 

5.There WILL NOT be a place for your driver to park your parade vehicle ! 

6.You must let out on the road quickly and driver will have to park at the Exhibit Hall Parking lot and enter at the gate at the building .


 DO NOT EXPECT TO PARK INSIDE THE FENCED IN AREA.  Presale on tickets for entry is available the week before the fair at the BPFA office .  


Dressing room area 

There is not a lot of room in the dressing area. Only 1 person will be allowed in the dressing area with contestants . Please be aware of this and make proper arrangements . You May bring in clothing and makeup and any other items that you may need to the dressing area anytime after 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning . Contestants must provide multiplug , mirror any other items to get dressed . Please put your name on all your belongings . If you have someone coming to do hair and makeup for you please make them aware of all the rules . 

Please be courteous of one another during this time . 


Introduction on stage

One stage introductions will be judged .  

Requirements are as follows 

Attire :

* White , ¾  or Longer sleeve , Button down ,collared  Shirt .

* Bottoms: Denim Bottoms (NO miniskirts or short shorts) .


* All Contestants will get a School name sash .

Sash will be handed out at the end of the interview and will be returned after the intro!

These sashes are not yours to keep!              


* Your introduction should be a maximum of 30 sec. Long.

It should include Your name, your school, the fair theme, and your number. 

* Judges will be judging you on your overall look and speaking ability for this division of the  pageant.


* You will have approximately 10 min. after the intro to get into your formal !  

* Please make sure that your hair and makeup is formal  ready !


Evening Gown 

*You should have a long floor length formal gown .

* Age and event appropriate .  


Onestage Questions

Top 5 will be required to answer onstage questions. 

You will get your onstage questions on Monday night before competition . 

You will blind draw to determine what questions you will answer . 

Other information 

BPFA would like to take this time to remind everyone that this is the 94th  Annual Beauregard Parish Fair and the Queen Beaufair Pageant is held in conjunction with our fair. Please tell your friends and family and any other invited guests there will be school awards , entertainment and breaks during the pageant. 


The 2023 Queen Beaufair will be required to sign a contract . The contract will require the new queen to attend specific events and will not allow Queen to compete in another LAFF qualifiable  pageant until her reign ends. 



 Please make every effort to be at the appointed times and on time for all meetings . We will not reschedule . 


Beauregard Parish Fair Association (BPFA)

Beaufair Pageant 

Rules and Regulations


1. A contestant participating in the 2023 BPFA Pageant must be single , must never have been married , nor given birth to a child , being born a female and must be currently enrolled in the Beauregard Parish or Rosepine High School System ,Homeschool student residing in Beauregard Parish Limits(proof will be needed).  

2. A contestant must be a female whose age shall not be less than 17 years of age as of December 31,2023.

3. A contestant participating in the 2023 Beaufair Pageant may not enter into any  publicity contract involving or pertaining to BPFA without written consent of the BPFA Board of Directors .

4. A contestant may not have been convicted of any kind of felony .

5.A contestant should be in good standing with her school .

6.Contestants entry form must be turned in by the first meeting of September 6 ,2023

7. Contestants' transportation for the BPFA Parade is not the responsibility of the BPFA or the Director.

8. Contestants Are judged in three  phases: Interview , Introduction and Evening gown.Interviews will be held on Tuesday October 3, 2023 at 10 a.m. and Introduction ,evening gown will be held that night  .

9. A Contestant Packet will be sent to every school and will contain 2 packets . 1 for each contestant . Entry form should be Typed only ! This is the first impression that the judges will get! 

10. The BPFA believes that it is an honor for you to be nominated and to represent THE BPFA and  your school ! The BPFA will hold each and every contestant accountable for their actions . Therefore the BPFA requires you to conduct yourself in a respectable manner at all times . 

11. If chosen Queen of the Beaufair Pageant the BPFA doesn’t allow the contestant to hold or compete for another title that can  also compete at LAFF Queen of Queens Pageant . If you do so you will be relieved of your duty of Queen Beaufair and the 1st Alternate will assume said duties. 

12. If chosen Queen Beaufair you will be required to Attend 8 other Fairs and Festivals(tbd) , be a part of any Greater Beauregard Chamber of Commerce Grand Openings ,Miracle On Washington street events, Parade (BPFA will pay fee for parade) ,Watermelon Festival and any other local events that may arise that the BPFA feels that would be good for you to attend . All which would be coordinated before booked .  

13. An Education scholarship of $250.00 will be awarded to the winner of Beaufair Pageant at the end of her reign . The scholarship will be awarded upon verification of enrollment at an accredited educational institution of higher learning . 

14. The Queen of 2023 Beaufair must attend and Give up her title at the 2024 Queen Beaufair Pageant to receive her scholarship . 

15. The Queen Beaufair will receive a crown , 2 banners(formal and play) ,Mantle/Train(to be returned),case and box provided by the BPFA . She is expected to wear the crown and banner at any event that she attends. The Queen is also expected to care for the crown ,banner, train,mantle and cases .All are expected to keep it in Mint condition . Train and Mantle will be checked in and out as needed for events. If a Train or Mantle is damaged in ANYWAY you will be required to repair/ replace! Replacement fee is $1500.00 . 

16. If for any reason behavior unbecoming of  Queen Beaufair for the BPFA is brought to the attention of the director or any other of the Board of Directors for BPFA we have the right  to have  Queen Beaufair relinquish her title and award it to the 1st runner up .  

17.LAFF state competition is held on the dates of Feb.2024 If you will not be able to attend please make the Director of Queen Beaufair aware Immediately ! 

We will make arrangements for the first runner up to attend. You will also be required to relinquish your title of Queen Beaufair . This is a Requirement of your Title! 





Full Page Ad -size 8 ½  x 11 $80.00

Half Page Ad size 8 ½ x 5 ½  $45.00

Quarter Page Ad size 4 ¼ x 5 ½  $25.00

Business Card Ad $15.00

Good luck lines (12 words or Less )$5.00.


All ads must be received no later than September 16, 2023

Please turn all ads into

 Necole Allen 





Photos may be added to any size ad except for Good Luck Lines & Business cards!!



All pictures that are sent please make sure that it is in a JPEG format and Artwork should be in PDF format.


All emails must go to:


Attention: Beaufair2023


I will send a confirmation email back to you when received. 


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